Beautiful. Elegant. Delicate.

Cider, like you have never experienced before, created for those who want more, who believe in quality and want to awaken every one of your senses.


See the elegance, touch the bottle, smell the aromas, taste the liquid

Small Batch Cider was founded in 2020 by Emily Alexandra. Emily has a huge passion for the alcohol industry and has worked for some of the biggest brands over the last 7 years.

Emily created Small Batch Cider as she believed that there needed to be a more premium fruit cider offering, something that you are proud to drink, something exciting that you want to enjoy with friends.

Emily started the business by crowdfunding via Natwest #backherbusiness which was aimed at closing the gender gap for women in business. 

The range was named Amore (meaning Love in Italian) due to the love for the industry, the love for enjoying life, and the love for creating special moments.

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